Saturday 7, 21:15
Sala Compasión
• 52 min.
Delfina Spratt , Àlex Puig Ros
24 min.
Train drivers have to bear a weight heavier than the train itself: the responsibility of slamming on the brakes, despite knowing full well there is no way to stop, when a person steps onto the tracks. Without getting off the train, the drivers will give us their insight on the consequences of having to pull the brakes in an emergency.
Júlia de Paz
19 min.


‘AMA’ depicts a story many women face, as they are exposed, alone, to the so-often mythicised status of being a mother. Pepa and her daughter Leila are thrown out of their home and left to find a place to sleep before night falls on a happy day of Carnival.
Gerard Vidal Cortés
11 min.
Every year, thousands of people from Africa embark on desperate and dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean in order to reach Spain.