Official 8

Saturday 7, 21:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.
Michael Frei
9 min.
An animated short exploring group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal?
Carlota Bujosa Cortés
20 min.
“Bubota” (Ghosts) is a review of one’s own history, my roots and belonging made from familiar images that I had never seen before.
Metamorphosis, Carla Pereira
Spain, France
10 min.
He is in his thirties and still lives with his mother. Taciturn and troubled, he has lost all contact with reality. One night when his mother goes out, he makes up his mind to free himself from the demons inside him.
Carla Simón
26 min.
Alex comes to a village bar looking for someone. Edu is dancing it like a madman ignoring that someone has come to look for him.
Theodore Ushev
27 min.
We are all immigrants. Some leave cities or countries, all of us leave our childhood. Like the Minotaur of mythology, we roam through personal labyrinths, carrying nothing but a suitcase of memories, a portable time capsule filled with assorted mementoes from a past we can no longer reach.