Official 2

Wednesday 4, 21:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.
Arantxa Hernández
United Kingdom
16 min.
This is England, today at the gates of Brexit. A portrait of a group of young people living on the margin of English society, whose education is learned much more on street than at school.
Richard Prendergast
United Kindom
17 min.
A loving family set off in their car on what seems like a carefree family outing.
Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz
Italy, Germany
6 min.
Alba remembers how she felt in love with Pierino, friend of her brother, in the early fifties in Italy.
Ondřej Erban
Czech republic
16 min.
Right now, almost one in ten Czechs over the age of 15 are facing some form of distraint, under which their property is seized to obtain money they owe.
Qiu Yang
China, France
20 min.
In an ordinary Chinese winter, a small city junior high student, YU, tries to quit her school aerobic dancing team