Thursday 5, 21:15
Sala Compasión
• 57 min.
Diego González
29 min.
In January 1941 Mauthausen and Gusen became the only Nazi concentration camps of Category III. Of no return. Everyone who sent there awaited death as the only destination. More than 7,000 Spaniards passed through Mauthausen.
Silvia Venegas
15 min.
The aim of the documentary is to find a meeting place in these troubled times to listen, know and understand the refugee minors who have arrived in Europe, they are the most vulnerable and our attitude towards them will mark their future and ours. poet Gloria Fuertes: The country is not a flag or a gun, the country is a child who looks at us
Mikel Mas Bilbao
18 min.
Extremadura (Spain), 19th century. Four shepherd children play cards under the shade of a fig tree, until Rogelio’s arrival changes their lives forever. When they were children, the lieutenant would use rocks to keep them from roaming freely through the countryside; now they’re adults, he’s switched to guns.