Short From Galicia

Wednesday 4, 17:15
Sala Compasión
• 50 min.
Khris Cembe
Spain, France
12 min.
As usual, a child watches his father hide tobacco smuggling in the middle of the night. But tonight is not tobacco.
Brian Rodríguez
10 min.
After a suicide attempt, and as a consequence of being abandoned by his girlfriend and losing his job, Julián manages to get back on his feet after buying a cat mask; a mask that he will never take off again.
Daniel Viqueira
15 min.
Xose’s inability to accept the new reality in his life is pushing him into a spiral of self-destruction.
Judith Adataberna
Spain, Portugal
13 min.
“The Spectrorium” is a journey in two phases through the realm of the senses. The questioning of what is real begins beyond the limits of the visible spectrum.