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Tú día de suerte

Tú día de suerte

Fele Martínez
  • Spain
  • 11"
  • 2019
Friday 6, 23:00
Cine Amor
• 69 min.


Ernesto leaves the house, in a hurry. His family is waiting for him. He calls the elevator and, inside, he will find an unexpected passenger that will make his life impossible during the short journey they will share.

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Fele Martínez

He began his career with TESIS, Alejandro Amenábar’s debut film. He has shot with directors of the likes of Julio Medem, Pedro Almodovar, Chus Gutierrez, Maria Ripoll and Ines Paris among others. He has collaborated in several television series such as Carlos Rey Emperador (Diagonal TV for TVE), Buscando el Norte (Aparte Producciones for ANTENA 3), Estoy Vivo (Globomedia for TVE), La Unidad (Movistar +). YOUR DAY OF LUCK is his second short film after THE PUNISHMENT OF ANGEL.

Production Company: Producciones OFF S.L.
Direction: Fele Martínez
Cast: Juanca Vellido, Fele Martínez, Mónica Regueiro
Script: Fele Martínez, Juan Carlos Rubio
Production: Mónica Regueiro Sánchez
Cinematography: Pablo Bürmann
Art: Galia Matey Martínez
Editing: Azucena Baños
Sound: Raúl De La Fuente
Music: Juanjo Reig, Fele Martínez




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