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Trailer: O neno e a sombra

Trailer: O neno e a sombra

The child and the shadow
Xaime Miranda
  • Spain
  • 2020
Saturday 7, 23:00
Cine Amor
• 66 min.


Trailer of the short film “O neno e a sombra”.

Manuel, a father desperate for his son’s health problems, goes to a “meiga” in search of a remedy. Guided by the “meiga”, Manuel crosses the border of the real and begins a risky journey to unknown depths, where he will face the origin of his son’s ills.

Festivals and awards

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Direction: Xaime Miranda

Assitant director: Carlota Pérez

Script: Carlos Fernández

Producers: Xaime Miranda, Xoubiña Films

Executive producers: Ana Eiras, Sabela Blanco

Production director: Uxío Corbelle

Fotograpy director: Elena Lombao

Art director: Cristina Rodest

Sound: Lucas Pardo

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