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The cup is already filling up

The cup is already filling up

Debora Elgeholm
  • Sweden
  • 8"
  • 2018
Thursday 5, 18:15
Sala Compasión
• 50 min.


The film deals with the feeling of being chosen, and the responsibility that comes with being the Virgin Mary’s messenger. Using archival material, both images and text, a narrative is created from children’s experiences of various apparitions in Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje.

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Debora Elgeholm

Debora Elgeholm is an artist whose works are exhibited in international galleries and museums, and whose films have been shown at numerous film festivals, including in Lviv, Stockholm, New York, Rotterdam, Uppsala, Oberhausen and others.


This is What I Learned (2012)

Revelation in Kristineberg 2017 (2013)

Inner Surveillance (2015)

Visions in North of Sweden (2017)

Not an Irrelevant Trifle (2019)

The cup is already filling up (2019)

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