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Ersin Cilesiz
Wednesday 4, 21:15
Sala Compasión
• 68 min.


16-year-old Tariq flees with his family from the ISIS fighters into a forest near the Syrian-Turkish border. On the run, his mother is shot because Tariq is disobedient. All his attempts to make amends make his mother’s injury worse and make his father angry. In her delirium, the mother believes that her son was seduced by a jinn, a demon born of anger and smokeless fire. As the family risks being discovered by their persecutors, Tariq faces the decision to follow the dark or the bright side of Islam.

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Direction: Ersin Cilesiz
Script: Torsten Gauger, Yvonne Görlach, Guillermo Ríos

Cast: Mohammed Issa, Husam Chadat, Tahani Salim, Daniela Navarro Melián

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