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Lucía en el limbo

Lucía en el limbo

Lucia in limbo
Valentina Maurel
  • Belgium, France, Costa Rica
  • 20"
  • 2019
Wednesday 4, 19:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.


Sixteen-year-old Lucia wants to get rid of two things more than anything: her lice & her virginity.

Festivals and awards

International Film Festival of Gijón 2019
Cannes International Critics' Week

Valentina Maurel

Valentina Maurel (Costa Rica 1988) studied cinema at INSAS. In 2017, his final short film “Paul est là” received the first prize from the Cinéfondation in Cannes before being selected for some twenty festivals. In 2019, his short film Lucia en el Limbo was selected for the Critics’ Week. Valentina is currently writing her first feature film.

Executive Producer: Grégoire Debailly
Line Producer: Thomas Hakim
Foreign producers: Benoît Roland, Marcelo Quesada Mena
Sound Recordist: Nano Fernandez
Production manager: Karina Avellán
Sound Editor: Grégoire Chauvot
Costume designer: Violeta Mora
Make-up Artist: Cecilia Fernanda Riveros
Assistant Director: Yann Wauters
Screenwriter: Valentina Maurel
Director of Photography: Julien Ramirez-Hernan
Assistant Operator: Roberto Murillo
Editor: Bertrand Conard
Production Designer: Laura Castillo
Visual effects: Sylvain Coisne
Sound Mixer: Mikhael Kurc

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