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i Wait
Loreto Saiz & Adrián Díaz
  • Spain
  • 16"
  • 2018
Wednesday 4, 17:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.


Is already 40 years since the saharawi population became refugee in Algeria because of the Moroccan occupation. While the POLISARIO government tries out to solve the

conflict with institutional help, saharawi youngsters advocate for the option of an

armed conflict. While they wait, cinema will be their only weapon.

Festivals and awards

Women behind the camera [FINALIST] Madrid, Spain

CYLNEMA in Corto [BEST STUDENT SHORT FILM] Valladolid, Spain

Barcelona Human Rights Festival Barcelona, Spain

First Frame International Film Festival Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Manchester Student Film Festival Manchester, USA

FiSahara 2019 Tindouf

SEMINCI, Valladolid Film Week, Spain

Loreto Saiz & Adrián Díaz

Loreto Saiz (Burgos, Spain, 1996)

Loreto, concerned about diverse sociopolitical conflicts, travels in 2018 to the saharaui refugee camps in Tindouf to make an internship in Sahara film school and shoot her last project, “انتظر (I wait)”. In the same year, after a stay in BFM (Baltic Film and Media school) she graduates from Media and Film studies with extraordinary acknowledgements in Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. Ever since, she has worked writing and directing pieces to spread the knowledge of different social causes in Greece, Italy and Spain. Her video-essay “Correspondencias” has recently been published in Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays.

Adrián Díaz (Madrid, Spain, 1995)

Son of a Peruvian mother and a Spanish father, he studied Film, Television and Media Studies in Carlos III University of Madrid. As a final thesis, he directed the documentary انتظر (I wait), about the Saharaui – Moroccan conflict and its effects on the students of Sahara Film School, located in the refugee camps of Tindouf. He has also studied at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and in the University of Texas at Austin. He currently lives in England, finishing an MA in Wildlife Documentary Production


Adrián Díaz
Espero, 16 min. 2019
The Bikeman, 4 min. 2019
Once We Flew, 5 min. 2019
The Feast, 10 min. 2019

Loreto Saiz
Espero, 16 min. 2019
Correspondencias, 7 min. 2019

Director: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz

Scriptwriter: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz

Producer: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz
Productora/ Production Company: Proyecto Universitario. Carlos III, Madrid.

Cinematography: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz
Film Editing: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz
Sound: Adrián Díaz, Loreto Saiz

Cast: Sidibrahim Najem, Mahyub Mohamed, Lafdal Moh Salem, Ahmed Moh Lamin, Brahim Chagaf, Mohamed Taher

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