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City of Children

City of Children

Arantxa Hernández
  • United Kingdom
  • 16"
  • 2019
Wednesday 4, 21:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.


This is England, today at the gates of Brexit. A portrait of a group of young people living on the margin of English society, whose education is learned much more on street than at school. With her unique and ethical vision, along with a harmonious narrative, director Arantxa Hernández raises questions about the future of these generations.

Festivals and awards

Visions du Réel - Festival international de cinéma, Nyon, Suisse (2019)

Arantxa Hernández

She studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication in Madrid and began covering political and social issues for a national newspaper. After a course in Creative Documentaries at the EICTV school in Cuba, she decided to focus her career on film. One year later, she was accepted into the Masters of Documentary Directing program at the National Film and Television School of the United Kingdom (NFTS), where she has made 4 short films.

Among them, the documentary Ahora que puedo, an intimate portrait of Diego, a young man who has spent his entire life in the FARC Colombian guerrilla; and City of Children, a highly evocative portrait of a lost generation in England.

As a director, she is especially interested in exploring how the circumstances into which you are born can determine the rest of your life. Her starting point is always curiosity, and her goal is to get audiences to empathize with people and situations that might be hard for them to understand.

Director: Arantxa Hernández
Screenplay: Arantxa Hernández
Cinematography: Molly Manning-Walker
Editing: Bruno Herrero Pariente
Sound: Bridget Bradshaw
Production: Arantxa Hernández

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