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Best Seller

Best Seller

Max Lemcke
  • Spain
  • 17"
  • 2019
Thursday 5, 17:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.


The library has been closed for half an hour already and Rosario, the librarian, is setting the last few books on the shelfs and erasing the underlining that Armando, a waiter at the university’s café, has scribbled in several novels. That is, until she discovers that they are not simple underlines and that they haven’t in fact been written by Armando. The life of a young woman is in danger and now Rosario’s is too. When she looks up, she finds Armando standing in front of her.

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Max Lemcke

Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Selected in the 2nd session of 2001 of the Résidence of the Cinefondation of the Festival de Cannes. In 2004 he directed his first feature film ‘Mundo fantástico’ (Fantastic World) selected for the official sections of Karlovy Vary, São Paulo and Cinéma Tout Écran of Geneva. Later he directs ‘Casual day’ and ‘5 metros cuadrados’ (Five Square Meters).

He has been awarded the Cinematographic Writers Circle Medal for best director and best film with ‘Casual day’ and has won the Golden Biznaga for the best film in the Malaga Festival for ‘5 metros cuadrados’. He has also directed several episodes for TV series.


Mundo fantástico, 75 min. 2001
Casual Day, 90 min. 2007
5 metros cuadrados, 90 min. 2011
Pequeñas historias entre ventanas y teléfonos (short), 2000
Todos os llamáis Mohamed (short), 1997
La vida imposible (short), 1995

Director: Max Lemcke

Guionista / Scriptwriter: Max Lemcke, Paulo García Conde

Productor/ Producer: Norbert Llaràs i Carles
Productora/ Production Company: Alhena Production

Dir. Fotografía / Cinematography: Daniel F. Abelló
Montaje / Film Editing: Raúl De Torres
Sonido / Sound: Nico Tsabertidis
Música / Music: Jorge Magaz

Reparto / Cast: Malena Alterio, Ricard Sales, Miguel Ángel Montalbán

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