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À vide

À vide

At no load
Nicolas Foussard
  • Spain
  • 25"
  • 2018
Thursday 5, 19:00
Cine Amor
• 75 min.


One morning Vincent realizes that Cléa is no longer sexually attracted to him. As a result he begins a sleepwalking quest made up of strange encounters. All the people he meets suffer in different ways from a gnawing feeling of incapacity, brought on by what eludes them. Through those confrontations, Vincent is going to get aware of the emptiness that took hold.

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Nicolas Foussard

Graduated at the ESRA school in Paris, Nicolas Foussard is a documentary filmmaker (Benin 2013 – Fatima dyàli 2015) and also an actor (The World is Flat, feature film 2018).

At no load (2018) is his first short narrative film. He is currently working on the writing of a second short narrative film and is developing an ethnographic documentary about devout women in the suburbs of Salta, in the north-west of Argentina.


'À vide' | 'At no load' (France, 2018 short fiction film ) writer and director

'La matière de l ’ intime' (Italy, France 2018 – experimental short film) writer and director

'Para el la' | 'For her'(Argentina, France 2018 – feature documentary) co-writer and co-director

'Fatima' (Morocco, France 2015 – short documentary) writer and director

Bénin (Benin, France 2013 - experimental short documentary) writer and director

Script: Nicolas Foussard

Image: Edoardo Matacena

Sound: Florent Tupin

Editing: Steven Guermyet

Music: Valerio Selig, Christophe

Cast: Yoann Zimmer, Rafaela Jirkovsky, Maïté Cotton, Daniel Isoppo

Color correction: Hugo Rossello

Sound editing: Thomas Petitimber

Sound mixing: Samuel Mittelman

​​Production: ZID films

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