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Game Fields

Game Fields

Sjöberg Noemi
  • Spain, Sweden
  • 4"
  • 2019
Thursday 5, 18:15
Sala Compasión
• 50 min.


While two girls cross different lands without any problem, others risk their lives trying to cross them. Lives which politicians play with. The rise of the extreme right has entered the political game. A nightmare which one wants to wake up from and leave the children play in peace, in any land whatsoever.

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Sjöberg Noemi

Noemi Sjöberg (1978) is swedish, grown up in Paris (France) and currently lives and works in Barcelona (Spain). She uses the video medium to observe and put into perspective the reality that surrounds her, always looking for situations that break with the ordinary. She has filmed and spent long term residencies in many countries: Turkey, Japan, Iran, USA, Morocco, Egypt, India, China, Mongolia. Traveling sharpens her senses and forces her to be in a deep state of observation. 3 axes are central in her work: the human condition as time passes; the altered perception of reality and the sensory immersion that sharpens our senses. Both in her installations and videos she lets the viewer take the narrative part and be carried by streams of images and sounds. With her photography she experiments with various media and techniques transforming the usual reading of still image that becomes for the observer a three-dimensional and physical experience.

Music: Pierre Pulisciano

Production : Noemi Sjöberg

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