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Barnaby Blackburn
  • United Kingdom
  • 20"
  • 2018
Wednesday 4, 23:15
Sala Compasión
• 57 min.


An 18-year-old youth offender is trying to start his own business as a mobile mechanic. But enterprise isn’t so easy when you’re a young, black male with a criminal past.

Festivals and awards

BAFTA Film Awards 2019 - Nominated, Best British Short Film

Barnaby Blackburn

Director: Barnaby Blackburn

Producer: Edward Speleers, Catherine Slater, Sophie Alexander

Editor: Ed Line

Screenwriter: Barnaby Blackburn

Director of Photography: Robbie Bryant

Production Designer: Lili Lea Abraham

Music: Luis Almau

Principal Cast: Raphel Famotibe, Jamie Sives, Clare Perkins, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva

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